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Cooperative Pesticide Purchase Program
This cooperative purchase program (CPPP) allows local grape growers not only save on their yearly pesticde purchases, it also helps the MGGA as well. By pooling their resources, growers are able to purchase general use pesticides at a considerable discount. The cost savings realized from this cooperative effort are large enough to allow a 5% contribution to be made to the MGGA. You save money, and the MGGA benefits as well.

Every January order forms are posted online, and members can either place their orders online or by mail. Chemicals are available in the smallest legal units, and with proper storage will last for several years. Orders are delivered in mid-March to several locations throughout the state.

THIS PROGRAM IS OPEN ONLY TO MGGA MEMBERS - Sign-In and Click on the CPPP link. Non-members can join HERE, and take advantage of the selections and prices offered.

To aid you in your selection, please go to our Pesticides in the Vineyard section. There you will find pesticide product information which includes product effectiveness tables and application rates.

Also check out the Maryland Small Fruit Production Guide - Cooperative Extension Bulletin 242 for complete grapevine recommendations (Bulletin 242 can be obtained from your local Extension Office).

CPPP Contacts
Jennie Schmidt - CPPP Coordinator -

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