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The Grapevine
This quarterly publication features articles written by local and nationally known experts in viticulture and enology. It's an excellent source of information for both part-time and commercial growers alike.

PDF versions are available online for all MGGA members - look
in the Members Section under 'Grower Services'.

The MARYLAND GRAPEVINE is published by the Maryland Grape Growers Association and is distributed quarterly, in March, June, September, and December, to members of the Association. (Membership Application).

A non-voting subscription is available to public and institutional libraries for $20 per year. Back issues are $5 per copy.

The Grapevine invites articles on topics of interest to grape growers. Articles should be typed, double spaced, or submitted on DOS compatible 3.5" (up to 1.4 MB) diskettes in plain-text ASCII, or MS Word format. They can also be E-mailed in plain text (ASCII) format. Drawings, graphs, and illustrations are welcome if submitted in photoready form. Deadline for editorial and advertising copy is the 1st of the month preceding publication.

Advertising rates are:
                    Full page (7x10) - $80
                    1/2 page(7x5 or 10x3.5) - $55
                    1/4 page(3.5x2.5 or 3x3) - $35
                    1/6 page(2.5x1.5) - $20
                    10% discount for 3 or more consecutive ads
                    Classified ads - $.30 per word (no charge for giveaways)
Display ads should be photoready copy; additional charge for photos and pasteups. For further information contact the Advertising Manager.

Please make check payable to MGGA and mail to:
1116 E. Deep Run Road     Westminster, MD  21158

All material published is copyrighted but reprints and quotations from articles in The Maryland Grapevine are permitted on condition that full credit be given both to The Maryland Grapevine and to the author or authors, and that the date of publication, volume number and issue number be stated.

All communications regarding the editorial content of The Maryland Grapevine and requests for back issues should be sent to the Editor.

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