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Press Release's and News Articles

Welcome to the MGGA newsroom. We’ve gathered a wide variety of information that we hope will be useful and informative.

Press Releases
  10/04/07: Maryland Grape Growers Association Awards Vineyard Expansion Funds
  06/22/07: Grape Growers Hold Summer Field Day
  06/04/07: Expansion of Maryland Grape and Wine Program
  02/20/07: The MGGA Releases the Results of the 2006 Maryland Vineyard Survey
  02/10/06: Maryland Wine-Grape Industry Threatened
  03/05/05: Maryland Grape Growers Meet for Annual Meeting
  02/11/05: MD Wine & Grape Advisory Report Released
  06/23/04: Maryland Grape Growers meet in Sudlersville MD for Annual Field Day


In the News
  01/27/10: Wash. Co. Lawmakers See Economic Boost in Wineries
  08/16/07: Vineyard research team working to help wine industry
  07/17/07: Maryland hoping to establish more vineyards to meet growing demand
  03/06/07: Vineyard industry has 'taken off' in Maryland
  12/22/06: Vintage Crops
  10/30/06: Tourists May One Day Choose Southern Maryland Over Napa Valley
  10/24/06: Maryland vineyard receives Rural Development grant
  09/22/06: State Approves Money to Promote Wineries
  02/21/06: Wineries Corked Up Waiting For Resolution
  09/27/05: Grape Harvest Now Underway On Delmarva
  06/14/05: Vineyards Provide Sweet Harvest for Maryland Farmers
  04/19/05: Black Ankle Vineyards expanding the learning curve


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