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Our Purpose
The Maryland Grape Growers Association (MGGA) is a non-profit organization of grapegrowers and winemakers that have joined together to promote Maryland's winegrowing industry.

We understand the fact that premium wine can only be made from high quality grapes. Our main objective is to provide our members with the necessary information that will allow them to 'grow' premium wines.

Through our collaboration with the interest, efforts and resources of the Maryland Winery Association, University of Maryland and Maryland Department of Agriculture, we strive to illustrate the economic and environmental benefits that grape growing provide.

Listed below are some of the programs and events that the MGGA provides to its members:

Members Section
The Members Only Section of the MGGA web site provides growers a new avenue of communication with other growers and winemakers throughout the state. Information sharing - via the Grower's Forum, Vineyard Profiles, and Weather Stations - helps reduce much of the guesswork that's noramlly a part of grape growing. Learn more ...

Field Days & Workshops
These events are usually held at a members' vineyard, and include discussions on viticultural issues facing Maryland grape growers. Everyone enjoys and benefits from the vineyard tour, where Q & A on all aspects of grape growing are addressed by experts from the University of Maryland.

Cooperative Pesticide Purchase Program
This program allows MGGA members to pool their resources in purchasing pesticides for their vineyards. The cost savings realized from this cooperative effort provides substantial savings to our member growers.

Pruning Clinics
Each spring we host a series of pruning clinics, each with a particular lesson or example for review. Held at different vineyards throughout the state, everyone gets a hands-on, up-close look at different pruning techniques. In addition, general grape growing topics are discussed, such as variety selection, various training methods, pest management, etc.

The Maryland Grapevine
This quarterly publication features articles written by local and nationally known experts in viticulture and enology. It's an excellent source of information for both part-time and commercial growers alike. Additonal information about The Maryland Grapevine, including article submission and adversting details, can be seen HERE.

Annual Meeting
Every year we bring in experts from not only around the state but from around the country to discuss current topics on viticulture and enology.


The MGGA's a great place to get together with other growers, whether it's at a pruning clinic, field day, seminar or social. Visit the Membership Application page and join us today!

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