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Grape Growing Guides
Commercial Vineyard Establishment in Maryland
The MGGA's own guide detailing the many aspects of starting a vineyard (commercial or otherwise). Topics include site selection, winery requirements and economic considerations.
The Mid-Atlantic Winegrape Grower's Guide (Publication # AG-535)
by professors Tony Wolf and E. Barclay Poling, both of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. This well-written guide is THE handbook for east coast grape-growers (2008).
University of Maryland Extension Office Viticulture Page
by Dr. Joseph Fiola, the Universities Viticultural Specialist. The site contains several informative sections, such as: Starting a Vineyard, General Viticulture, Timely Viticulture, Pest Management, Equipment, Newsletters, Web Sites, and Consultants.
Shore Vines
An informative website for anyone interested in growing grapes on Maryland's Eastern Shore.
Ontario CropIPM
Produced by Canada's Ontario Ministry of Agriculture. Includes extensive disease, insect, nutrition/soil information, you'll find this site an important addition to your management toolbox. Well written with plenty of detail, the interactive Identification Keys are very helpful in identifying many pests.
New York Guide to Sustainable Viticulture Practices
An excellent resource that covers a wide range of topics - vine nutrition, pest/pesticide management, and irrigation.
Site Selection for Commercial Vineyards
Written by Tony Wolf and John Boyer, this paper focuses on site selection for Virginia.
Preplant Considerations for New Vineyards
Although written for California, this paper by Michael McKenry and Peter Christensen covers topics that apply to many areas.
Growing Grapes in West Virginia
Another good guide, also for those on the East Coast. Produced by The West Virginia University Extension Service.
Growing Grapes in Kentucky
Another thorough guide.
Viticultural Practices for the Midwest
For those living in the Midwest, Alan Dillard of Limestone Creek Viticultural Resources wrote a very thorough paper that guides you from grape selection though pest management.

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