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~ Grape Growing Information ~

Pests, Diseases and Pesticides
MGGA CPPP (Cooperative Pesticide Purchase Program)
This yearly program allows MGGA members to pool their resouces and purchase general use pesticides at a considerable savings.
Sensitive Crop Locator Program
You need to inform others in your area that your grapevines are sensitive to certain pesticides. This program allows you to do just that (and also will alert you to nearby crops that could possibly be sensitive what you're appling).
Pesticide Container Recycling
Maryland accepts empty and properly rinsed pesticide containers for recycling. Dates and locations are limited.
Guidelines for Developing an Effective Fungicide Spray Program for Wine Grapes in Maryland 2012 (Fact Sheet 848-PDF)
Anne DeMarsay, Ph.D., The Fruit Doctor. (Also the 2013 Supplement)
Grape Disease Control - 2016
by Wayne Wilcox, Dept. Plant Pathology, Cornell University, NY State Agr. Expt. Sta., Geneva. An excellent, comprehensive guide for controlling disease. (pdf)
Pesticides in the Vineyard
The MGGA's own online guide to using pesticides. Contains an up-to-date list of pesticides (and their manufacturers), links to labeling and MSDS's, equipment calibration, spray drift, spill clean-up info and more.
Ontario CropIPM
Extensive disease, insect, nutrition/soil information, along with interactive Identification Keys that help in identifying many pests.
Bulletin 242 - Maryland Commercial Small Fruit Production Guide
The University of Maryland's Cooperative Extension Service publishes this informative production guide. It's available from your local Extension Agent. Of particular interest is the section on Grape Disease and Insect Control Recommendations.
Virginia Pest Management Guides
Available online in PDF format. Look for 'Grapes' in the Horticultural and Forest Crops section.
Direct Pests of Grape
A list of pests affecting grapes (those affecting fruit, buds and young clusters) in the Virginia-West Virginia region. This information is taken from the extension bulletin "Major Insect and Mite Pests of Grape in Virginia" (1986) by D. G. Pfeiffer and P. B. Schultz.
Online Integrated Pest Management Guide
The University of California's excellent source about diseases, insects, nematodes, weeds, along with lists of symptoms and treatment guidelines (includes photos).
The Greenbook
There are roughly 1000 pesticide products used in agriculture. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Press, Inc. compiles pesticide product information (labels, supplemental labels, and MSDSs) provided directly by the pesticide companies in an unbiased presentation. It's online, updated daily, and it's free.
CDMS, Inc. is a privately held corporation located in Marysville, CA. The company provides America's premier software service to access crop protection product label, MSDS, WPS and DOT information.

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