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Varieties, Rootstocks and Grafting
Recommended Wine Grape Varieties for Maryland
Updated 2017! 23 grower and university recommending varieties, including comments on vigor, yield, winter hardiness, more. Also added are 8 varieties that are showing promise in our region.
Sources for Vines
Our list of grapevine suppliers.
The Vitis International Variety Catalogue
A large and impressive catalog containing thousands of varieties. (It can be quite slow to access).
The Super WWW Winegrape Glossary
Anthony J. Hawkins chose an appropriate title for his huge list.
Resistant Rootstocks for New York Vineyards
Own rooted or grafted? Cornell University provides some answers here.
An Illustrated Guide to Field Grafting Grapevines
A thorough grafting guide from the Northwest Berry and Grape Information Network detailing sidewhip grafting.
Grafting Grapevines
Another excellent grafting guide with drawings depicting cleft, notch, bark, and green grafting techniques. From the University of California Cooperative Extension - Tulare County.
Field Grafting to Change Varieties
A variation of the bark grafting technique - by MGGA's Jack Johnston.

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