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  • Recommended Wine Grape Varieties for Maryland
    Twenty-three grower and university recommending varieties, including comments on vigor, yield, winter hardiness, more. Also includes eight varieties that are showing promise in our region.

  • Commercial Vineyard Establishment in Maryland
    This MGGA guide details the many aspects of starting a vineyard (commercial or otherwise). Topics include site selection, winery requirements and economic considerations.

  • Sustainable Practices Workbook for Wine Grape Growing in Maryland
    This workbook is designed to allow wine grape growers to assess their vineyard's position regarding sustainability. (PDF - 3.6mb download)

  • Major Grapevine Dieseases
    A list of the six most common diseases, with descriptions, pictures, scouting and management practices.

  • Presentations
    List of 2020 Annual Conference presentations.

  • Local Grapes
    County by County list of locally grown grapes.

  • Maryland Vineyard Statistics

  • Vineyard Supplies
    Everything for the vineyard.

  • University of Maryland Extension Office Viticulture Page
    Viticultural Specialist Dr. Joseph Fiola,has put together several informative sections, such as: Starting a Vineyard, General Viticulture, Timely Viticulture, Pest Management, Equipment, Newsletters, Web Sites, and Consultants.

  • FieldWatch / BeeCheck / DriftWatch
    A definite upgrade from the old Sensitive Crop Locator, FieldWatch, Inc. is a non-profit company created to develop, expand and continue to innovate the DriftWatch Specialty Crop Site and BeeCheck Apiary Registry.

  • Maryland Wineries Association
    Formed in 1984, the MWA is the non-profit trade association that represents wineries in Maryland. Its mission is to develop and expand the grape and wine industry in Maryland - through education and promotion.