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2008 Vineyard Capital Assistance Program
The purpose of the 2008 Vineyard Capital Assistance Program is to provide a financial incentive for the establishment of new, or expansion of existing commercial vineyards. The objective of the program is to increase the volume and quality of Maryland wine grapes in order to meet the demand for grapes by wineries in the state of Maryland. Funds may not be used to increase density in existing vineyards.

The program is administered by the Maryland Grape Growers Association in cooperation with the Maryland Wineries Association and the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service. Grants will provide between $2.00 and $2.50 per vine in reimbursement funds for the purchase of between 650 and 2,400 grape vines suitable for producing quality wine. The minimum number of vines is 650 of any single variety. The maximum number of vines is 2,400. Growers will be required to submit a receipt from the vine vendor documenting the vine count per variety. Vines are to be planted in 2009.

Document List
    Program Guidlines.doc (Word document)
    Cover Sheet.doc (Word document)
    Program Guidlines.pdf (PDF document)
    Cover Sheet.pdf (PDF document)

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